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The American Pastured Poultry Producers Association offers display ads in the bi-monthly newsletter that gets mailed to all members. 

Business can also choose to advertise in the 2018 Resource Directory, provides a printed directory of related products and services. Inquire for details. 

Key flock demographics of our producers:

  • Based on a 2015 survey, the average annual broiler flock of our members is 1100; actual flock size ranges from a couple hundred meat birds to a couple hundred thousand.
  • Based on a 2015 survey, the average laying hen flock is 210 hens with a range of a couple dozen birds to several thousand hens.
  • Producers direct market poultry and eggs via on-farm sales, farm markets, cooperative agreements, and wholesale markets.

Advertising Rates

  • 1/4 Page ad in six issues of Grit newsletter: $300 per year
  • Full Page ad in six issue of Grit newsletter: $900 per year
If your business provides products and services for pastured poultry farmers, and you are interested in advertising, contact for availability. We often have a waiting list for display ads. 

Membership At a Glance

  • Bi-monthly subscription to Grit
  • Members-only discussion group
  • Members-only content and Grit archives
  • Free classified ads
  • Find new customers and networking opportunities

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APPPA publishes a weekly (1 to 2 emails per week) newsletter to bring tips, news, and thoughtful commentary about pastured poultry to your inbox. Subscribe and receive a free issue of our bi-monthly trade newsletter, Grit. We mail Grit to all paid members bi-monthly.

Consumer Guide

We want to empower consumers to buy real pastured poultry. Become an informed consumer and get exactly what you expect.

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