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Guidelines for good brooder management

Guidelines for good brooder management
(offered by Tim Shell)

1. Create a well-bedded*, well-ventilated, draft-free, predator-proof, DUAL environment with abundant natural daylight, where the chicks will self adjust.
• A warm (90-95 degrees F) place to sleep
• A cool (65-75 degrees F) place to romp & roar

2. Spend 30 min. observing chicks on arrival for the normal pattern of activity:
• Warming up under the brooder
• Drinking clean water
• Eating a quality feed w/probiotics (provide grit for 2-3 days)
• Nestling under heat without overcrowding.

3. Observe chicks 10-15 minutes daily and make adjustments
• Brooder hood height
• Clean the waterer
• Ventilation, etc.

*The best bedding is planer shavings or sand. Avoid sawdust and newsprint.