Let's tell the world what real pasture-raised poultry looks like.

Update: The fundraising campaign has ended with 120% of our goal!! Thank you.

The pastured poultry marketing challenge...

In the 2017 Better Way Forward video, APPPA member Terrell Spencer said it like this, "Other people portray themselves as us. We don't do a good job of marketing who we are. The ones that don't do what we do, do a good job of marketing that they do it like us."

Spence articulated the problem well, and it's only getting worse. 

terrell spencer in Pastured Poultry Better Way Forward

We need your help to tell our story.

APPPA invites you to buy-into a cooperative marketing campaign to film, produce, distribute, and advertise a new 4 part video series (plus Better Way Forward) that shares the pastured poultry story with consumers. It will build upon the work already done with Better Way Forward.

Have you ever wished more consumers understood the pasture-raised difference?

Do you wish more customers would seek you out to buy real pasture-raised eggs, turkeys, and other poultry? 

Are you bothered by the greenwashing of the pasture-raised label by corporate poultry companies?

If you want more consumers, if you want a better understanding of pasture-raised, or if you want to fight back against misleading pasture claims, then join us.  We need  you to unite with us as a member and we need you to support the Real Pastured Poultry campaign. 

"If we don't tell our story, someone else is going to craft it for us.

As small independent growers, it's on us to band together to create our own collaborative marketing efforts if we want to keep up." --Paul Greive

It's too much for one farm to do.

Countering the confusing and misleading label claims is an impossible marketing burden for any single pastured poultry farm. Even our biggest farms can not compete with the marketing money of investor-lead startups and national brands.

APPPA is not asking you to do this alone. Based on the recurring call for action from our members, we've launched a follow up marketing campaign to the 2017 Better Way Forward video.

As individuals contribute (any amount) into the campaign, APPPA aggregates those funds into a larger pool of focused marketing dollars. 

Your farm may not have the budget to professionally produce and advertise 4 videos that drive a national pastured poultry branding. However, when you contribute a small piece, you take an active role in ensuring that APPPA can get the job done.  

laying hens on pasture

APPPA needs your support to have an impact.

The reality is that our current membership rates are not sufficient to create a professionally produced video series with a sustained advertising budget and social media push. We need help on this one. All of our operating funds come from members like you. 

It's never been more important for our community to speak with a unified voice and tell our upbeat, positive story of change. Pastured poultry is about changing the way chickens are raised; it's about improving the nutrition of our food; it's about healing the land and building soil; it's about connecting communities. 

You shouldn't expect that someone else will do this marketing job for you because your margins are small or your don't have enough time or [insert your reason here]. 

"If we have a way of showing people how we're different, it's worth supporting. It's worth getting people to come together to make a resource that works for everybody." --Bruce Hennessey

The pastured poultry community hasn't grown over the last 30 years by people waiting for someone else to do the job. It's grown through action and initiative.

The APPPA Real Pastured Poultry campaign is  a marketing investment for your farm. 

We're not going to stop you from thinking about this as a donation, but the reality is we're really asking you to purchase marketing. Marketing expenses are always a business expense. A charitable donation is not always beneficial to you at tax time, especially if you don't itemize your deductions (talk to your tax accountant).

If you think about the Real Pastured Poultry campaign as marketing, then more possibilities, opportunities, and value should become evident to you.

turkeys on pasture

In return for your investment, you receive marketing assets you can use. 

Here is what you receive in exchange for your marketing dollars when you invest in the Real Pastured Poultry campaign.: 

    • Your farm will be acknowledged with a named credit in the video of your choice.
    • Your farm will be named as a supporter on the video landing page.
    • Lead generation. Each video will direct consumers back to apppa.org to learn more information and to find a farmer near them. As an APPPA member, you’ll be findable through your customizable directory profile.
    • Each video provides a professionally produced marketing piece that you can build upon and incorporate into your marketing. 
    •  As a contributor you will have the option to download the videos for use in offline viewing at farm events, your market stand, and other venues. Non-contributors will not have the option of playing the videos offline.
    • One contributor will be chosen at random to receive a complimentary conference registration.
    Even if you’ve never deliberately spent any money on marketing and advertising in the past, this is a perfect opportunity

    to take a small step.

    Our Impact Depends On You

    Where else in your marketing will you be able to spend $25, $250, or $500 or $1,000 to create $20,000 worth of recurring consumer-focused branding, lead generation, and consumer education?  

    If everybody could do what they're comfortable with, we're going to reap the benefits of having this really professional, well done marketing piece we can share with our customers. I think it'll have a great ROI." --Paul Greive, Pasturebird

    You can contribute to the Real Pastured Poultry marketing campaign by completing the form below. 

    Want send a check? Print this form and mail to: PO Box 85 Hughesville, PA 17737.

    Real Pastured Poultry Marketing Campaign

    Collected: $24,015.00
    Goal: $20,000.00
    Support the creation, advertising, and marketing of real pastured poultry.

    The Campaign in 5 Steps

    There are many details within each step, but these five items represent the project overview: 

    1. Producer interviews at 2019 conference (Completed).
    2. Film farms during the spring season (June 10, 2019).
    3. Optimize APPPA Website and farm directory.
    4. Produce and publish 4 videos on eggs, turkeys, nutrition, and predator protection (animal welfare) We will also provide additional promotion for Better Way Forward (broilers)..
    5. Launch advertising campaign (4 new videos and Better Way Forward.  <- Let's not skimp here.

    "Corporate America understands that our story and our method resonates with customers. No one is too small to be affected by that." --Bruce Hennessey

    About the Goal

    In order to fund the filming, editing, project management, publication, consumer education, and initial marketing for four videos, our initial goal is $20,000.

    If we exceed our goal, APPPA will invest the funds into additional promotion and marketing, educational outreach for consumers and producers, research sponsorship, and other needs as directed by the board.

    Livestock guardian dog

    APPPA Experience 

    In 2017, APPPA commissioned a single educational video titled Better Way Forward. That cornerstone video provides big picture branding for pastured poultry. It set the foundation for the Real Pastured Poultry campaign in 2019. 

    Watch Better Way Forward for yourself and see if we we have experience to fulfill this marketing mission.

    APPPA Membership

    APPPA has been providing education, networking, and resources for pastured poultry farmers since 1997. Members receive: 

    • Bi-monthly subscription to APPPA Grit
    • Members-only discussion group
    • Members-only content and APPPA Grit archives
    • Free classified ads
    • Find new customers and networking opportunities
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