The Profit Centers of Heritage Poultry

  • Tue, August 25, 2020
  • 8:00 PM - 9:00 PM


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Veteran Buckeye breeder Douglas Hayes will lead an overview on the profit centers available to heritage poultry breeders. 

Profit Centers include:

  1. Hatching eggs
  2. Day old chicks
  3. 8 week old 90% graded breeding stock
  4. Heritage breed 9 week old Poussin
  5. 14 week old fryer
  6. 16-18 week old “broiler”
  7. 22 week capon, or roaster
  8. 52 week stewing hen or coq au vin
  9. Graded year old breeding stock
  10. Sell genetically inferior hens or pullets for egg laying

About Douglas: 

Douglas Hayes, Consultant LLC.
A Real Food Sanctuary
Standard Bred Livestock, Heirloom Produce, and Rare Herbs
4343 Azalea Springs Way
Calistoga, CA 94515

The Sanctuary is not a farm. Rather, it is a small regenerative agricultural sanctuary intended to keep our genetic agriculture heritage from being harmed, and to pass on old time agricultural know how along with current innovative natural agricultural practices to others. We grow nutrient rich and dense foods that nourishes body and soul. The Sanctuary is home to rare standard bred Buckeye chickens, antique heirloom fruit trees, vegetables, and herbs. Veggies, herbs, and fruit trees are grown all natural, and the chickens are pasture raised with additional all natural feed.

The Buckeye chicken was created in Ohio by Nettie Metcalf before 1896. The Buckeye is a multipurpose breed with good meat and egg qualities. At the height of their popularity, there were 2-3 million Buckeyes, by 1960 there were about 10,000. Now, there are about 3,600 Buckeye chickens remaining, of which about 600 have really good genetics. The breeding Buckeye flock at the Sanctuary consists of about 65 birds with very good genetics. Culled chickens are hand processed at 16-18 weeks in a completely humane way. These chickens know NO violence, only love. The chickens receive no antibiotics, no vaccinations, no preservatives, no hormones, no GMO Grain in their feed.

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