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The American Pastured Poultry Producers Association is a 501(c)6 non-profit trade association for pastured poultry producers. While everyone is welcome to become a member, we support members who raise pastured poultry for profit or who are planning to start raising for profit.  

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Member Benefits

Subscription to pastured poultry trade publication (APPPA Grit): Stay competitively informed via provocative topics, innovative ideas, and production advice that maximizes animal welfare, consumer benefit, and farmer profit. Published bi-monthly and mailed exclusively to members. 

Choose a PDF or print subscription. PDFs are delivered electronically and printed subscriptions come via the U.S. mail. Members can catch up on recent issues in the Member section of the website. 

Support Real Pastured Poultry Marketing: By joining APPPA you not only fund farmer-to-farmer education and resources, but you make it possible to educate consumers. The Real Pastured Poultry marketing campaign launching in 2019 is a member initiative with community-wide impact. As a member who contributes to the campaign, you can take advantage of special advertising opportunities, brand awareness of pastured poultry, and future discovery by new customers.

Networking opportunities: Every APPPA interaction is a chance to build your trusted peer network and establish collaborative relationships with like-minded farmers. Find those peers via in-person training, farmer directory, online discussions, and APPPA Grit articles.

Get Found by Customers in the Get Real Chicken Directory: Be found by future customers who are looking to buy pastured poultry in the Get Real Chicken directory of farmers. Get Real Chicken is a project of the American Pastured Poultry Producers Association. You can manage your own listing with products, photos, and descriptions. Instructions will be included in your welcome emails. 

Member Content Archives: We produce more content than we can print. Rather than hide it, we'll publish it online for members. Inside the member area, you'll find recent IAPPPA Grit issues, interviews, presentations, and more. Available to Producer Plus members only.

Two Online discussion groups with peers: Receive confidence building, practical, and informed peer-to-peer support, and mentoring from farmers who operate pastured poultry businesses. We host two groups - a general Pastured Poultry production group and a Heritage Poultry Breeder discussion. Discussion groups are  hosted via

Members will be added the APPPA Pastured Poultry Group  within a few days of activating membership and then you can join Heritage Poultry Breeders group if you choose.  Available to Producer Plus, International, and Business members only.

Member-only savings: Save cash on APPPA products, services, and event registrations. Members receive a discounted registration to our annual Professional Pastured Poultry conference. Receive priority notification for limited-access products and events. 

Free classified ad: Sell your used equipment to other pastured poultry producers with a text ad in the APPPA Grit. Non-Member classified ads are $20 per issue.

Published research: Read and understand applicable research that applies to pastured poultry farming via the APPPA Grit, workshops, and group discussions. Examples of published research include egg and broiler nutrition studies, food safety, pricing surveys, and feeding trials (including non-soy). Members are connected to government and academic researchers, as available.

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Features by Membership

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International Members

We encourage members from outside the United States to join us. Please understand that our perspective is the pastured poultry community in the U.S. and even though a lot of topics may be universal, the politics will certainly differ.

International members have the same benefits as the Producer Plus level. Non-U.S. members must receive a PDF copy of our bi-monthly newsletter at the same rate as a U.S. Producer Plus member who opts to receive a PDF subscription.

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Bottom Line Results - "I was an experienced producer when I joined APPPA. However, with the knowledge and information I learned in my first year as a member, I estimate that I saved $10,000 through the improvements I made." —David H.

High Return on Investment -“It is some of the best money that I have spent in the last year. Its rare that you invest at such a low monetary cost but have such an exponentially high return. The investment in APPPA's services have yielded such valuable savings of feed/labor/animal welfare etc.” —Mike K.

Turn Knowledge Into Dollars - “After attending the APPPA Pastured Poultry Workshop last fall, we started rationing our layer feed and actually saw our egg production increase. Now that they are back out on good pasture they are eating even less.” —Cliff M.

Information Pays Off- “After following your direction and reading every post and the APPPA Grit and everything I can get my hands on, my birds have never laid as well and looked as pretty. —Allen S.

Extremely Valuable - “I got signed up a year ago when I bought some chicks from Moyer's. At the time, I didn't think much of it, but after being a member for a while, I find APPPA extremely valuable. I only wish the APPPA Grit came out monthly.” —Brian R.

Informative - “Thanks for putting out such an informative publication!” —Colin 

Enjoyable Membership - "I truly enjoy my membership to APPPA. My wife and I have learned so much.” —Frank S.

Anticipated Reading - "I look forward to receiving my APPPA Grit, and it's the only one I read cover-to-cover when it comes. When I read other publications, they only tell me what is happening now; you keep us informed about where our industry is going"  —Bill C.

Respectful Discussion - "One of the best parts of APPPA is the respectful, informed discussions on the Yahoo board. It is just outstanding, and I love that poultry producers are keeping data; it drives efficient production." —Viv L.

APPPA, A Well Kept Secret - We had never even heard of APPPA before but were strongly encouraged to join by Jeff Mattocks and Micaela Collins. I can not tell you how GLAD I am that we are now part of this organization! I have received so much info via the newsletter and Yahoo group! —Erin A.

Members Get the Good Stuff - "I've spent a few weeks looking at the discussion on the Yahoo message board, and it's pretty obvious you were hiding the good stuff! I cannot believe the threads that have come through since we've joined. So many things that are directly related to what we're doing, and struggling with, and thinking about." 

Experienced Producers Learn, Too - "This is my first year on the list, and I want to say many thanks to all of you for sharing! I am not a newbie at pastured poultry at all, and I have still learned a LOT from you folks." —Kathy Z.

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